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Why do I call my fans, "FANES?" Because they're extra special! I want to make sure that every viewer feels appreciated, so I've created FANE CENTRAL, where you can find my contact info and have your work featured! I like to highlight everything from P.O. Box mail to fane art and videos. So feel free to explore, and don't forget to STAY SNAZZY!

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VidCon 2017
VidCon 2017
VidCon 2017
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JamCon 2016
VidCon 2017
VidCon 2017
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JamCon 2016

Fane Central

Fane Feature

Want your digital fane art or video featured? Send it to wisteriafanes@gmail.com, or post to Instagram or Twitter using #wisteriamoonfanart!

Merch Pics

Have you recently bought some snazzy Wisteria Merch that you want to show off? Send a pic to shop@wisteriaworld.com with the subject line "#merchpic" to be featured!

P.O. Box

Send Mail To:


P.O. BOX 792




Send Email or digital Art To:


or post using


On social media!

Have you sent me any fane letters or packages? Check out my mail time videos below to see them being opened on video, or scroll through the gallery below! Everything that I haven't been able to open on camera will be shared there!

Fane Mail

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